Sage Building Components is committed to innovative and efficient approaches to high-quality framing.

Since Andy Sage entered the field of construction, he’s been exploring new ways to increase field production and optimize the quality of each project. The SBC team offers real solutions to the issues facing construction today by communicating proactively, maximizing underutilized technology, and embracing the practices of lean manufacturing.

What Sets Us Apart?



Managing the information, plans, and multifaceted decisions throughout the construction process is key to the success of a project. Which is why we’ve developed a thorough communication flow, coordinating everyone involved in the construction project. We take a proactive approach, front-loading each project with all important decisions and planning out all the details from start to finish.



We’re constantly looking for ways to maximize time and resources. Using our Sage Cut Components process, we pre-cut all lumber, packaging each section into intuitive, easy to assemble bundles. Not only does this significantly reduce the waste and need for disposal fees, but it also reduces the framing process time by 25% or more.



Professionalism and a commitment to excellence shapes all we do. Constantly looking for ways to improve our craft, each member of the Straight Up Framing team seeks to provide a quality structure to the buildings we frame. We combine our years of carpentry experience with the latest technology to maximize the results from start to finish. We are also DuPont™ certified, which ensures a 10-year warranty on all Tyvek® water vapor barrier installations.

Slide Andy Sage entered the construction industry, honing his skills in both rough and finish carpentry. 1997 2004 Andy began rough carpentry framing as a subcontractor. 2006 Straight Up Framing was incorporated, providing rough carpentry framing services for commercial and residential projects within central Iowa. 2016 Sage Building Components became the parent company to Straight Up Framing, allowing for growth of innovative framing processes. 2017 Sage Cut Components launched as a framing process, utilizing the latest technology to expedite the framing process.

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